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Justin Lamoureux : Usually smiling. A happy guy. A bit introverted. Blends Technology and Art.

Justin Lamoureux : Usually smiling. A happy guy. A bit introverted. Blends Technology and Art.

Like a lot of high-school students, way back in the 90s, I was sick of school and decided to get into the workforce. I started working at Lund Boats in the prototyping department. This was a fun job! Making the first production boats. Taking them out for speed tests. Photoshoots! Awesome! It was a very hands on, continuous problem solving type of job.

I decided to take the great leap and go to the University of Manitoba to become an engineer. But, I didn't know anyone (small town boy) and I didn't really have the passion for math required for that program. So I quickly pivoted and worked towards a degree in education. Yes! I love children! 

Shortly after I became a teacher, I was asked to join different committees on the learning of language in a minority setting and another on the use of technology in the classroom. I was became a board member of the provincial association for computing educators. 

 During this time I pursued a few different business projects and that's where my passion for marketing sprouted. The most ambitious project I undertook was for the construction of a cable wakeboard park called the Flatland Cable Park. My partner and I started promoting the concept in an effort to gain attention and investors to help make this dream a reality. Once we started to make some significant headway, we were rused by a businessman and we totally got screwed. I learnt a good life lesson though but was very soured by the business world.

Years passed (12 total) amd the faults in the school system really began to irk me and with more and more side projects taking over my time (Revolution Wake (Yorkton Film Festival, Reel Green Film Festival, Arts Alive Film Festival) I decided it was time to try again. Get into business for myself again!

Media Booth is where it's at! I am dedicating most (read: all) my time and energy to help others with their companies so that they can use the power of social media marketing to promote their businesses, get more leads and customers.

Now I get to use all of my skills and my creativity and take this burden off of others minds. I am becoming more efficient and knowledgeable every day!

Please reach out to me and we can talk about what your particular needs are. 

Social Media Marketing Society Member
  • What They Didn't Teach You in Film School - Avi Federgreen;
  • Smart Start for film business - Michelle Nadon;
  • Master Class: Scot McFadyen & Sam Dunn on Music Documentary;
  • Master Class: Rebelle - Cinématographie Nicolas Bolduc;
  • Documentary film - John Barnard;
  • Master Class: Jonathan Caouette on Documentary.
  • Middle years educator, 12 years;
  • Top 50 CineCoup accelerator program: Generation O;
  • Top 100 ComedyCoup accelerator program: Shirts Comedy;
  • Official selection at Yorkton Film Festival for Revolution Wake;
  • Production, filming, editing of Revolution Wake;
  • Finalist at Gimly Film Festival Pitch Competition (x 2);
  • Teaching of film basics to students (recipients of Freeze Frame awards);
  • Ramp Up X finalist - Portal VR;
  • 2018 Canadian Museum of Human Rights Creation Lab.